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NetCancerAlert.Com is an internet news reporting service and resource in all matters related to cancer and blood disorders. is Edited by
Don Poster, a Board-Certified medical oncologist, formerly on staff at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland USA. The Co-Director is a former Executive Director of a large Cancer & Blood Disorders physician provider network. Other staff members have expertise in clinical cancer and blood disorders disease management. Together, this team brings unparalleled expertise and experience to NetCancerAlert.Com.

We strive to bring you the latest actionable news concerning fast paced developments and to provide you with informational resources.

Website Sections:

Archives:  Archives

As news stories are replaced with new topics prior news stories can be easily found by clicking on our archive section where you can refer to them as needed. buy lipitor online no prescription

Questions and Answers:  QA

On a selected basis we answer your questions that are of general interest on the website.

Case Reviews and Second Opinions:  Cancer Second Opinions

Should you wish to have your or your loved ones case reviewed, we offer a sliding scale fee based clinical expert review service. Our experts are board certified oncologists.

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Links:   Links

We provide you with many links to informational sites dealing with cancer and blood disorders.

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